How to Maintain Your 1st Car

Nothing compares to the sense of independence you experience when you purchase your first car and drive it down the 401 in Mississauga. You may have put a down payment on your first car and been fortunate enough to qualify for 0% financing on a new car. However, as many of your friends and family members have advised you, that is the least of your concerns. Automobiles, like other machinery, require a level of dedication and maintenance in order to achieve their optimal efficiency.

Taking care of your car is really important especially when you’re buying a car with bad credit since it helps to retain the value of the car. Automobile enthusiasts take precautions such as ceramic coating, which protects your car's paintwork from fading, and underbody rust coating, which protects your car's undercarriage from rust. These steps do help to extend the life of the car, but are not feasible considering you have bought the car on auto finance. Here are the most critical things you should do to keep your car in good working order.

Regular Service

Many car owners believe that taking their vehicle through one of those touchless car washes qualifies them for service, but this is far from the case. Replace outdated filters such as the air filter, oil filter, and AC filter, which are commonly found near the glovebox, as part of proper service. Aside from filters, depending on how much your automobile is used, you should change the engine oil and transmission oil on a regular basis.

Canada Prime Autos provides new and used cars in immaculate condition with 0% financing options. However, you should maintain track of the brake pads that aid your vehicle in breaking. Brake pads wear out quickly in city driving, and malfunctioning brake pads might cause a severe accident by impairing your car's ability to brake. A screeching noise while braking indicates that your brake pads need to be replaced.

Proper Car Care 

To protect your car's paint, try washing it yourself if at all possible. Pressurized water can damage and oxidize your car's paint. During the wash, make sure to clean the wheel wells first, as they contain the most of the dirt and debris.

After rinsing your car, remember to dry it with a microfiber towel instead of a regular cloth to avoid damaging the paint and creating swirl marks. Use a vacuum to remove all loose dirt when cleaning the interior. When cleaning the interior, use a vacuum to get rid of all the loose dirt. In addition to this, use an all-purpose surface cleaner to wipe the dirt off the dashboard compared to cheap products which only make the dashboard shine and do not protect the dashboard from UV rays causing the dashboard to crack.

Rotate Your Tires 

Tires are one of the most important components of your vehicle as they provide the grip your car needs on the road and hold the whole weight of your car. Wear and tear of your car's bushes, which holds the tires and suspension together, may cause your tires to rotate slightly uneven. Therefore, it is important that you rotate your tires which will help you maintain your car’s fuel economy and performance. 

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