Disadvantages of paying off a car loan early

Disadvantages of paying off a car loan early: When thinking about loans. The automatic response would be to pay them off to get rid of the financial burden a loan carries. It almost feels like a weight is lifted off your shoulders. Now this nagging at the back of your head that subtracts money from your living expenses is finally done and over with. However, what if we tell you, the smarter thing to do is to not get rid of this burden? Especially considering a vehicle loan, with Canada Prime, we’ll advise you with smarter ways to handle your car finance.

Now the question remains as to why would it be beneficial to not pay off a car loan early? There are many reasons such as:

Higher interest rate in paying off early

Interest rate is a factor that should be considered since a car loan cannot be the only debt a person has, people have student loans, credit card debt to pay off, and much more. In the case of other loans and debts, it should be evaluated as to which debt has a higher interest rate. This is because if the annual percentage rate of your car loan is incredibly low, then paying that car loan may not be advisable. It would be more advisable, to overlook the interest rates on all the loans you may have and to pay off the debt with the highest interest rate which would also save money in the long term.

The Payoff penalty

A lender may have a penalty fee for paying a loan early. This may seem absurd but it is very much possible. This is why it is very crucial to check your contract before paying off a loan early. This way, you can calculate and determine whether the payoff penalty would cost you more than actually just paying the loan amount in the allotted time. If it is more, which in some cases can happen, it would be wise to just save up that money. 

Managing living expenses

While you may still decide to pay off your loan early. It can make your living expenses difficult to manage, as it could have completely depleted your resources. Paying off a vehicle loan can take a toll on your savings meant for day-to-day tasks. There could be a surprise expense such as a heft medical bill or an emergency purchase of a repair and you only have so much saved. This can definitely make things difficult to manage and may result in more loans and debt than what you started off with. So not only is it creating more damage for you but it is also leading to pay for more with fewer resources.

Damaging your credit score

While paying off a vehicle loan does seem tempting at first, however, it can hurt your credit score especially if you are looking to uphold your credit. In a way, keeping the car loan and making the payment on time is far more beneficial and smarter than paying it off early. It helps you accumulate a good credit score while also maintaining your debt. 

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